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The Toolbox

This page contains information on tools tested during the Aquaspace project. ‘Tool’ means any legal instrument (laws, regulations, guidelines), process (such as stakeholder engagement), computer model application (such as GIS, or computer models to assess impacts of aquaculture), or any other hardware, software or set of instructions that can be used to help and support (in this case) the purpose of making more high-quality space available for aquaculture, including the gathering, analysis and presentation of data to aid decision making in this context.

Some of the tools were developed during Aquaspace, others were already in existence.  Some are commercial, others are free and in the public domain.  However, few tools can be used properly without a good understanding of the theory behind them, and the potential user may wish to consult appropriate units of the Aquaspace Masters Module.

Two main kinds of information are provided here (as downloadable pdf):

  • tool factsheets, including links to tool suppliers and handbooks;
  • good practice factsheets, based on case studies; further information on these case studies can be found in the Library.

Before looking at these, please read the Guide to the ToolBox.

CATEGORY Tool name Use for PDF link to link to unit External links
GIS Aquaculture Planning Decision Support System (APDSS) Integrating information relating to spatial planning Tools_Factsheet_APDSS Sanggou Bay c D4.2
Bus Aquaculture Investor Index  (app) Identifying country for investment Tools_Factsheet_Aquaculture_Investor_Index c D2.4 6 Aqua investor index
GIS Aquaspace tool (Arc GIS add-in) Mapping and integrating aquacultural indicators Tools_Factsheet_AquaSpace tool c D3.3 56 Link
Env ASSETS Procedure for estuarine eutrophication assessment Tools_Factsheet_ASSETS D4.2
GIS BLUEFARM 2 (QGIS add-in) Mapping and integrating aquacultural indicators Tools_Factsheet_BLUEFARM2-final D4.2 6
Soc EAF toolbox for Stakeholder consultation Identifying stakeholder views on development and constraints Tools_Factsheet_EAF_Stakeholders D4.2 10
Env EcoWin Water basin scale biophysical model used for investigating shellfish amelioration of eutrophication Tools_Factsheet_EcoWin D4.2
Bus FARM Production model for shellfish Tools_Factsheet_FARM D4.2
Bus Lakselus (hydrodynamic/lice modelling, web page) Near-real time sea-lice dispersion for use in areal management Tools_Factsheet_Lakselus Norway D4.2
Bus META – Maritime and Environmental Thresholds for Aquaculture  (online app) Thresholds for cultivated species in marine environments Tools_Factsheet_META D2.5 6 META website
Bus Mussel web NZ Empirical model for predicting green mussel growth Tools_Factsheet_Mussel_NZ D4.2
Soc Netica (BBN) Bayesian belief network tool for analysing sectoral conflicts Tools_Factsheet_Netica(BBN) D4.2
Soc Public Comment Analysis Procedure for evaluating public comments on application for planning consent Tools_Factsheet_Public_Comment_Analysis D4.2 10
GIS SISAQUA (GIS web tool, derived from AkavaVIS Integrating information relating to spatial planning Tools_Factsheet_SISAQUA_final D4.2
Env SMILE – modelling framework Estimating carrying capacity for shellfish production Tools_Factsheet_SMILE D4.2
Env SNAP (EO toolbox) Processing and analysing satellite earth observation data Tools_Factsheet_SNAP_Remote Sensing D4.2 7
GIS  Visibility Analysis (in ArcGIS) GIS mapping of locations from which a farm is visible Tools_Factsheet_Visibility_Analysis C D4.2 59
Soc Visualisation (virtual seascapes) Interactive visual simulations of seascapes in virtual reality Tools_Factsheet_Visualisation D4.2 9
Bus WATER – Where Aquaculture Thrives in EuRope (web tool) Finding optimum sites for species Tools_Factsheet_WATER_e D2.5 6 WATER website
Bus WestLice (hydrodynamic/lice modelling, Java code) Sea-lice dispersion for use in areal management Tools_Factsheet_WestLice D4.2 8

Tools implementation examples

The PDF factsheets in the table provide examples of the use of a range of tools in AquaSpace Case Studies.

Case Study Case Study name Issues worked on Tools used file name
1 Emilia-Romagna, Adriatic Sea, Italy Conflicts of shellfish aquaculture with other activities Shellfish biology models; EO (Copernicus); FiCIM; BLUEFARM-2 01_Tools_Implementation_Emilia-Romagna.pdf
2 Algarve Coast, Portugal Shellfish cultivation: (1) Social licence (2) Environmental fluctuations (1) EAF stakeholder analysis; (2) SNAP toolbox for EO data; ArcGIS 02_Tools_Implementation_Algarve.pdf
3 Basque Country, Spain Development of offshore shellfish aquaculture, avoiding use conflicts ROMS, ArcGIS, AquaSpace Tool, BBN 03_Tools_Implementation_Basque_Country.pdf
4 Békés County, Hungary Increase fish production capacity of freshwater ponds GIS, ES valuation, stakeholder consultation 04_Tools_Implementation_Bekes_County.pdf
5 Carlingford Lough, UK Management of shellfish aquaculture in transboundary water body ArcGIS, SMILE, AkvaVis 05_Tools_Implementation_Carlingford_Lough.pdf
6 Long Island Sound and Great Bay Piscataqua, USA Eutrophication amelioration by shellfish cultivation ES valuation, ASSETS, FARM, EcoWin 06_Tools_Implementation_USA.pdf
7 Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Australia Assessment of site suitability for aquaculture Hydrodynamic, sediment diagenesis, and fish growth models; GIS 07_Tools_Implementation_Abrolhos.pdf
8 Mediterranean Sea, Multiple EEZ Overview of regulation of marine fish-farming around Mediterranean Google Earth, NASO maps, Emodnet data, ArcGIS 08_Tools_Implementation_Mediterranean.pdf
9 Normandy/Cancale, France Identify zones to expand existing shellfish cultivation Hydrodynamic and biological models, remote sensing, SISAQUA 09_Tools_Implementation_Normandy.pdf
10 North Sea, Germany Authorisation procedures for aquaculture licensing avoiding conflicts with other use AquaSpace Tool 10_Tools_Implementation_North_Sea.pdf
11 Mediterranean NA: see D4.2
12 Normandy NA: see D4.2
13 Sanggou Bay, P.R. China Optimize sea use for aquaculture APDSS integrating FVCOM, DEB and ArcGIS 13_Tools_Implementation_Sanggou_Bay.pdf
14 Argyll, Scotland Policy and management of salmon farming: public perception, spatial limitations, sea-lice management zone modelling FVCOM, MaRS, AquaSpace Tool, Public Comment Analysis 14_Tools_Implementation_Argyll.pdf
15 Pelorus Sound, New Zealand Predicting meat yield of mussels Long-term monitoring, web-based tool 15_Tools_Implementation_Pelorus_Sound.pdf